New Year, New Resolutions?

Dr. Debs over at Good Wine Under $20 listed her New Year’s Wine Resolutions and asked what everyone else’s were. Well, I attempted to help her with her’s, since I tend to be a fan of Spanish whites, but as far as my own go, I’m wary of resolutions. Mainly because I never make resolutions since I simply don’t keep them and see them as setting myself up for failure. (Really, how many years now have you resolved to lose that last 5lbs? Have you?)

Instead of resolutions, I think I’ll call them plans.

In the greater sense of my world, we plan to buy a house and go to Oktoberfest this year.

As far as wine goes, I plan to:

1.) Decant my wines on a regular basis. I’ve gotten much better about this, but I really should do it more often, if not always. Especially with all the young reds we brought back from CA, I find it helps expose the actual flavors and relieves the wine of the initial heat caused by the big alcohol in many of the bottles.

2.) Convince Matt that I really do need a very large wine storage unit. I don’t know how much longer our wine racks in the closet and bedroom are going to work, especially if I really want to keep some of the bottles for aging.

3.) Try some non-California reds. Besides a few random bottles at restaurants and those we have at other people’s houses, we generally only have CA reds, since we have so many of them on hand. Plus, cheap red wine generally tastes cheap to me and gives me a giant headache.

4.) Learn something new about wine every week. Perhaps I will start sharing the tidbits I learn in a post here on a weekly basis. Though I’m not sure if that would become boring or not.

5.) More logically pick my everyday wines. I found I really liked tasting two bottles from similar grapes from a similar region this week. It really helped me to compare what I was tasting and get a better sense of what the wine in the bottle should taste like.

Alright, that seems like quite enough plans. Let’s see if I can keep up with them. Happy New Year!


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  1. Lose the last 5 pounds, eh? Just wait until you reach 30 years old…it will be your last 15-75 pounds. *)

  2. Ha! Thanks for the heads up. Certainly not looking forward to it (the weight, not the age) and I am well on the downward slope to 30 at this point.

  3. hmmm… comments…

    1) Yes, decant – but resist the urge to decant everything, or at least taste first and then decide to decant. Give yourself the chance to enjoy the wine’s brash and youthful side!

    4) Do share, we all have things to learn!

    5) Sometimes you should pick your everyday wine because it tastes good and worry about learning or comparing another day. Take a break and just enjoy!

  4. Thanks for the tips el jefe. I’ll definetly keep the one about decanting in mind…you’re right, sometimes a brash young wine is just the thing….as I think it will be tonight with the pulled pork bbq I have simmering!

  5. Good resolutions, Sonadora! I agree with El Jefe–don’t decant everything. Some wines are meant to be fresh, young, and sassy. And remember to have fun with all that wine, ok?

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