Syrah Verticals + Lamb!

*Disclaimer: I received these wines as a sample from Bradford Mountain Winery. Bradford Mountain is a new winery and they will be opening a tasting room on the C. Donatiello property shortly.

We had a dinner party the other night with the point of serving a vertical of Bradford Mountain Syrah.  I got 3 verticals of Bradford Mountain wine (someone want to claim credit for that??) and really needed to have some people over to justify openeing them.  I don’t like opening multiple bottles in a night for just Matt and me.  We had a choice of two Zin verticals and a Syrah vertical.  After some consideration, we decided on the Syrah and made a dinner of lamb, green beans with pancetta and sage, and parmesan mashed potatoes.  I also made a trifle for dessert, which I’m really proud of, it came out so pretty!

My pretty trifle!!

My pretty trifle!!

For the vertical we had the 2004, 2005, and 2006 Bradford Mountain Grist Vineyard Syrah.  The winners were the 2004 and 2005, with a split decision from the room.  Personally, the 2005 was my favorite.

2004 Syrah: Slight spice, dark fruit, blackberry, vanilla bean, raisins, plums on the nose. Plums, blackberries, pepper, dark, tannic, acidic, great structure in the mouth.  Tons of sediment on this one.

2005 Syrah: Chocolate, berry, plum, vanilla, brown sugar, cracked pepper on the nose.  Darker in the mouth than the 04, smoother than the 04, blackberry, black currants, plums, dark dark fruit, pepper, much darker than the 04, the tannins hit you on the end.

2006 Syrah: Raspberry, blackberry, fresh plums, vanilla, black cherries on the nose.  In the mouth, soft, smooth, dark fruit, currants, plums, licorice, blackberries.  This was the smoothest and softest of the wines. I’d call it plush.


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